Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 37)

Welcome back to Who needs an osteologist?, where this installment is a northern European double-header!  These images come by way of Jessica Seebauer, who appears to be on a jealousy-inducing tour of some awesome northern countries right now.

First, this subadult skeleton is on display in the National Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark:

Thaaaat's not where those leg bones go!

But wait... enhance, enhance, enhance... is there something going on with the clavicles?  I can't honestly tell if they're mis-sided or just flipped slightly:

Notes Jessica, "what makes it almost ironic is that on the wall across from the subadult display, there was a decal illustration of an anatomically-correct skeleton." Ouch.

And then from the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway, comes this female Viking skeleton with a definitely mis-sided clavicle:

And here's the full picture for context of the male and female Viking remains:

Clavicles are hard, yo.

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