Map of Bioarchaeology News Coverage

Most recent update: 4 September 2018

  • Red circles are for bioarchaeology articles.  
  • Blue circles are for archaeology articles.  
  • Yellow circles are for palaeoanthropology articles. 
  • Green circles are for forensic anthropology articles.  
  • Purple/pink circles are for classics and other cultural articles.  
  • Brown circles are for techniques or theories and are mapped by where the researcher is located. 

Through the magic of Twitter and Google, as well as dozens of hours of data entry, I have made an interactive map of the scholarly public outreach articles I've written at Forbes and mental_floss.  You should be able to move around the map and click on the various symbols to get headlines, images, time period, and links to learn more.

I primarily did this to visualize my geographic coverage of bioarchaeology, in order to see where coverage is lacking (eastern Asia, Africa, and Australia, which is not a real surprise).  I aim to range widely geographically and temporally, but I'm limited by the languages I can read, the articles I have access to, and my ability to secure image rights to post.

But I also put this together in case it's useful for anyone teaching bioarchaeology, osteology, or public outreach in anthropology.  If there are any fields you'd like to see included, let me know.  And ideally if you want to make a similar map from your blog posts or from a site like LiveScience or Discovery News, both of which cover bioarch news quite frequently, we should be able to merge the data files together to have greater worldwide coverage of bioarchaeology news.

I haven't figured out yet how to make the legend show up on the map itself. If you have any idea how, let me know!


Oh, and a brief note about how this was made: I used a Google Fusion table.  You can add the Fusion API in your Google Drive, then set up a table that includes all the info you want.  A "location" field allows you to put in lat/lon coordinates.  You can even give it URLs for images, which will also pop up.  It's a short learning curve, and now I have a database I can update whenever I publish a new article, and it should be updated here.  I might figure out a more permanent place for the map than inset into a blog post, but you should be able to copy the URL of the map if you want to include it in your blog or elsewhere as so:

Direct URL for map from fusion table

Embed Code: (Note: Put a < immediately before the iframe in the code below to embed. If I include it, well, it automatically embeds.  Can't figure out how to display an embed code without it embedding!)

iframe width="500" height="300" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src="">

Many thanks to Shawn Graham, Adam Rabinowitz, and Jeffrey Becker for helping me figure out how to put this together and populate it with information!

Screenshot of map as of 4 Sept 2018


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