Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 31)

As Zachary Cofran pointed out when I shared this Nature news piece on archaeologists' return to Shanidar, the Iraqi National Museum needs an osteologist:

Credit: Hadi Mizban/AP/Press Association Images
The skeleton of a Neandertal found at Shanidar Cave,
displayed at the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad.
The scapulae are flipped.  The right clavicle is on the right, but it looks like the sternal end is lateral. The left ulna is upside down. The thoracic vertebrae appear to be flipped upside down too. But seriously, what in the world are metatarsals doing in the hand?!?!?


Did I miss anything else?  I'm typing this up fast before heading in to teach Human Osteology class...

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