Funny Bones

I was reading a trashy magazine while getting a pedicure today (don't judge me - pedicures are awesome) and came across this ad for the season premiere of Bones. Don't get me wrong, I watched the show yesterday with rapt attention, parroting back the particularly hideous nerd-flirt lines to Patrick. (I don't remember the exact lines now, but they all involved words like "rational," "empiricism," and "solipsistic." Yes, Bones egregiously used the word "solipsistic.")

So what's wrong with this ad? Other than the superfluous skull in the lower right, which has laughably fake cracks likely added in Photoshop, and the stupid Chinese-food angle that makes no sense whatsoever, some of the bones are misplaced. Look closely at the pic and see if you can figure out what's wrong. I'll give you some hints: clavicles, radius (2 things wrong), tibiae, fibulae. And possibly more.

Oh, Kathy Reichs. You're slacking in your capacity as technical advisor to this show.


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