March 29, 2010

Burri-toes in Italy

A story was just posted on National Geographic News about the "lead burrito" sarcophagus found last summer at Gabii, the site outside of Rome at which I'll be working as a bioarchaeologist this summer. There is at least a little bit of foot bone in the coffin... I can't wait until they either get the bones out or get an endoscope in there to see what's left. It'll be pretty amazing to find out this individual's life history from his or her skeletal remains.

March 15, 2010


This sight greeted me at the end of the first day of my sex, death, and bones workshop. It takes me back to my first trip to Athens with my high school Latin teacher, Dr. Larrick, when my friend Rachel and I craned our necks (and cameras) out the window to get a teeny tiny glimpse of a sliver of the Acropolis from our teeny tiny hotel room. Fifteen years later, I'm moving' on up... to a deeeeluxe room in Kolonaki. But I'm still as cheesy excited by the Parthenon at night as I was at 15.

March 9, 2010

I'm famous?

My blog has been featured in the 100 Best Blogs for Anthropology Students. Not sure what I did to make that list. But now I feel compelled to post more often. And, you know, spellcheck it and stuff. With the stress of dissertating and being on the job market, though, this makes me feel just a smidgen better.

March 3, 2010

I ran out of words...

... because my dissertation has 94,612 of them. In Times, that's 401 pages. The obsessive in me really really REALLY wants that to be 400. And also wants it to have an even 100,000 words. Hm. Cut some lines and use shorter words? I do still need to give it one more editing pass before handing it over to my advisor, so I'm sure those numbers will change. But one thing won't change: I am done with the first draft of my dissertation. In the end, after frantic typing and umpteen graphs, I think it's not half bad.

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