Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 34)

A high school in Manchester, England, recently discovered that one of their teaching skeletons was made of real bone.  Apparently it's been used for decades in an art class, but everyone thought it was plastic. (Not sure why...)

They decided to rebury the body (again, not sure why...) after a forensic professional told them the person was of Indian ancestry and was a man who died around age 25-30.

Notice anything odd about this skeleton, though?  Hint: those are some reeeeeeeally long arms.  Not even sure how that mistake can be made.

While it's kind of sad that this poor guy got buried like this... it's sure to screw with some future archaeologists. ;-)

[h/t to Lesley Gregoricka for pointing this out]

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Unknown said…
I believe that's the skeleton of Cotton Hill, Hank Hill's dad. His legs were shot off in the war.

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