Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 25)

Welp, looks like Florida Man found a creepy faux-historical Nic-Cage-worthy diorama in his grandparents' attic: a skeletonized hand(?) with a ring and some fake coins wired together, complete with an old-timey map.  He brought it to a local historical society, and doesn't seem like any osteologists or, heck, medical doctors or x-ray techs have examined it.  Because the easiest way to tell if it's a human hand is to look at the joint at the base of the thumb.  Opposability, y'all!

I tried my best to stop the video and look more closely at the "hand" but failed.  From what I can see from the pics at the link below, the carpal area looks... weird.  The distal portions of the metacarpals look... weird.  More animal-like than human-like.

And why is the ring on the metacarpal?  So many questions.

Here's a picture, but there are more at this link.  What do you all think?  Clearly, this guy needs an osteologist.  Maybe someone down there at USF wants to reach out to him and offer to look at it?  Heck, if he wants to bring it up here, I'd be happy to check it out and run it through our xray machine.

But I just have to say... of *course* Tampa.

(Also, h/t to Carlina de la Cova for this link.)

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david meadows said…
Looks like a monkeys paw ...

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