Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 23)

The ever-vigilant Robert Cighetti found yet another skeleton in need of an osteologist:

As near as I can tell from the information at this link (in Italian), a small group of possibly amateur archaeologists (Gruppo Archeologico della Val Nure) organized an exhibition of local artifacts and skeletons from Vigolzone at a museum in Piacenza ("Alle origini di vicus ussoni: storia di un popolamento antico").

The three burials, which are Lombard in date (6th-7th c AD), were found in boxes and re-articulated--poorly, it seems--for the exhibit. Reportedly, there's an exhibition catalogue, but I can only get access to low-quality photos of the exhibition catalogue on the GAVN Facebook page (here's a link to a photo with the three tombs).

I don't see this exact photo anywhere else on the internet (I reverse-google-imaged it).  At the GAVN Facebook page, though, I found this photo of the same skeleton.  The femora are fixed in this one, but the clavicles and scapulae are still wrong.

At any rate, from the clavicles to the scapulae to the femora, this skeleton has some major issues in anatomical placement!

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Unknown said…
Poor skeletons, they must be confused at least!
I had the opportunity to have a look at those Lombard skeletal remains (a male, a female, and a subadult individual). They're now safely stored in cardboard boxes, but I think they would greatly appreciate an osteologist taking care of them!

Btw, nice post, as always ;-)
Unknown said…
Also, right forearm could be upside-down and flipped... :-/

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