Who Needs an Osteologist? (Installment 9)

The Penn Museum seems to need an osteologist:


Those ribs are wonky, and the left metatarsals are sketchy, no?

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#19 said…
Pharoah whosits surely did not have an extra-long pointer finger.

Sad when Bones has fewer anatomy problems this week than a university does.
jd said…
Based on what has been posted on this blog I have some questions that I would like answered. First at the above comment, how did you determine that the pointer finger was extra-long? I'm guessing that it was meant sarcastically, but it is apparent that several phalanges are missing (along with other bones). Can you please provide what led you to determine that those bones were placed in the wrong position?
According to the news story, the bones were only in a preliminary state of being studied. If that is the case, then maybe the photo was taken before everything was finalized. So that could explain why some of the bones are wonky. However, can you please explain what is sketchy about the left metatarsals? The ribs issue is kind of obvious, that the fragments were not mended or matched 100%. However, were there any other issues that you can tell?
The ribs seem to be mis-sided, although they could just be laid out upside down. The left fifth MT is not laid out properly or is mis-sided. So yeah, could be that the bones are right and were hastily arranged for a picture... Or the ribs and/or MTs could be wrong. Hard to tell, so I posted for others to comment.

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