Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival LXXIV

Welp, seems like summer vacation, plus Forbes blogging, plus the beginning of the fall academic semester collided and made it impossible for me to stick to a monthly Roman bioarch blogging schedule.  So here's the carnival of links for July and August... (And if you want news faster, these all come through the feed at my Facebook page for Powered by Osteons.)

  • 26 August - Pompei, Scoperta Rara Sepoltura Infantile ( A baby tomb was found at the necropolis of Porta Nola in Pompeii.  I haven't followed up to see if there's news coverage of their press conference in English or not.  Here's a blog post on the discoveries this season at Porta Nola.
  • 15 July - Not All Strange Burials are Vampires or Zombies (Forbes). A recent article in PLOS summarizes the "irregular" burials in Britain and continental Europe from about the 1st-5th centuries AD (so, really, in the Roman Empire). 
Greece and Macedonia
Philip II's knee... or is it? (From Bartsiokas et al. paper.)


  • 26 August - Unusual Use of Blue Pigment Found in Ancient Mummy Portraits (Science Daily). Egyptian mummy portraits, which date to the Roman period, are truly fascinating, and this discovery is great.  I would like to someday be known by a moniker similar to that of the lead researcher, who is an "expert on the color blue."


Parthian necropolis found in Iran. (From Iran Front Page)


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