BioAnth #TBT - Intro to Biological Anthropology Syllabus from 1990

I got all new cabinets and furniture for my osteology teaching classroom this semester, and in helping me go through the room to dump old stuff, my grad students found a syllabus for ANT3511 - Physical Anthropology here at UWF in 1990.  The course has now been renumbered to standardize it with the state's system, as ANT2511, and the content has definitely changed even if the structure of the syllabus is pretty similar to mine...

My favorite part of page 1 of the syllabus is the hand-written note at the bottom to "Read Genesis 1-20."  Also, the fact that it's been mimeographed (there were still some mimeographed handouts floating around when I was in high school, but I haven't seen them since) and that there are so many typos.

Favorite part of page 2?  The suggestion to read Carleton Coon is... disappointing.  But perhaps this professor felt it was a useful text to deconstruct or repudiate here in the Deep South, especially he himself is non-white?

I couldn't find too much information about Professor Lee, other than that his son is a doctor who married a woman of such parentage that it got into the NY Times wedding section.  Guess I'll have to ask around and see what folks know about him.  Google scholar only gave me a bit of info on his archaeological background.


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