Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival LXXII

So very much stuff this month (at least part of which is attributable to my new gig at Forbes), so let's hit it!

  • 20 April. Ruhestatte eines jungen Glaubens (Radiowissen Bayern). This German news piece deals with the Christian catacombs in Rome. I would tell you more, but my German is really rather poor.
  • 12 May. Ancient secrets uncovered (Harvard Art Museums Magazine). A graduate student found cremains in an Etruscan urn she was studying and brought in bioarchaeologist Marshall Becker to help find out more.
    Etruscan urn with ancient cremains. (Photo credit: Harvard)
  • 17 May. Roman gutter burials and a non-existent line of Pliny (Strange History). This is an important blog post on what we do and do not know about so called subgrundaria (or suggrundaria), which are supposedly baby burials beneath the eaves and outside of houses. That is, the word apparently appears only once in the whole of the classical corpus, in Fulgentius.
Extracted teeth from Roman Forum. (Photo credit: M. Becker)

Roman Empire

  • 7 May. London Crossrail dig hits beheaded Romans (Forbes). I write in this about the new Roman-era finds uncovered in the excavation to put in a high-speed train line in Rome, including some beheaded people.
  • 13 May. Rotten Roman baby teeth blamed on honey, porridge (Forbes). I wrote up some new research by Laura Bonsall and colleagues on early childhood caries in a Romano-British child.
    Roman-era tombstone found in Britain
    (Photo credit: Discovery News)
  • 28 May. Mystery deepens over rare Roman tombstone (Discovery News).  I covered this in a past RBC, but recent analysis shows that the gravestone and the person in it are not from the same time period at all.  Very interesting stuff.

Non-Roman-Era/Greek Stuff That's Fun Anyway

Other Interesting Things

  • 27 May. Katy Meyers Emery of Bones Don't Lie and I wrote an honest-to-goodness, peer-reviewed article on blogging bioarchaeology.  It's open-access, so go ahead and read "Bones, bodies, and blogs" and let us know what you think!


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