Twerking, limericks, and 3D printing: PbO at the 2015 AAPAs

This Saturday, from 9:15-10am, I'll be presenting (with my grad student, Andrea Acosta) a poster about teaching Human Osteology.  It's in a session called "Triumphs and Tribulations in Teaching," and it's sure to be a fun session and discussion (that part starts at 10:15).  I'm looking forward to visiting St. Louis for the first time, seeing lots of old friends, and making new ones.

Here's an image of the poster we're presenting (click to embiggen). If you're desperate for a PDF, here's a link to the full poster via google drive.  Hope to see you all there!

P.S. This likely means that I will have to put off blogging about the return of Bones until I get back.  Who decided to schedule the return during the AAPAs?  Sheez.


Anonymous said…
This is really cool! I've been spending this whole year trying to create archaeology classes that are more engaging for students, so it is awesome to see the other work being done to make our field more exciting and engaging!

If you're in the mood for more co-authoring... I may have a good idea :-)
I'm always up for coauthoring with you! :-)

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