Who needs a classicist? (Installment 1)

You're all probably aware of my occasional series, "Who needs an osteologist?" where I show images with poorly laid-out skeletons because no one thought to consult an osteologist or even the internet.  Well, while watching last night's Bones, I realized there's a need for a new series, "Who needs a classicist?"

According to Brennan, this is a Mesopotamian "sacrificial basin" from 3000 BC:

Yeah, no.  This looks like an Attic red-figure lekanis to me (dating to about 400-300 BC).  It's definitely not Mesopotamian and not 5000 years old.  Here's an example of what Uruk-period pottery from Mesopotamia looked like:

Ceramic bowls from Hacinebi
But hey, my two degrees in classical archaeology have finally come in handy!


And now my classics friends are saying Apulian lekanis. Still, not Mesopotamian.
Anonymous said…
I was looking for a picture of beveled rim bowls from early Uruk period, Susiana, and here they are! Used for grain rations for workers, easily made and disposable.

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