Teaching Public Engagement in Anthropology - Blogging Archaeology eBook

At today's #blogarch panel at the SAAs, Chris Webster and Doug Rocks-Macqueen announced their edited volume, Blogging Archaeology, which includes a contribution from yours truly entited "Teaching Public Engagement in Anthropology."  My piece is essentially a long-form blog post that takes a look at my Presenting Anthropology grad proseminar from last spring.  I hadn't written an overall blog post about the course, which I blogged and tweeted about at the time, so I took this opportunity to talk about what worked and what didn't work.

You can read the whole ebook with the fancy embedded doc below, or download the PDF:

Thanks to Chris's and Doug's hard work, this volume is awesome.  Do check it out.  Loads of good contributions.  I'm just sorry I missed the #blogarch session, since I had to come back from SAA early.


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