Annotated Bibliography of Bioarchaeology

Just got word that my annotated bibliography on bioarchaeology is now up at Oxford Bibliographies Online.  It's taken a good long time to come out, but I think it's pretty useful, particularly for undergrad and grad students interested in the field. The OBO articles are nice because they're thorough and peer-reviewed, but they're currently a bit difficult to access.

If you, like me, don't have access to Oxford Bibliographies Online through your university or other favorite library, just drop me an email (poweredbyosteons @ gmail . com works fine) and I'll be happy to send along a PDF.  Some of the fun features are lost in the conversion to PDF (e.g., ability to click on links in the biblio or add citations to a reference manager), but that's the best I can do.

(Oh, and remember my "Food for Rome" article in the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology is free for everyone through the end of October. It's all about using C and N isotopes from bone and enamel to understand the diet of the Roman poor.  Click here to go download that article.)


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