First day of classes... er, maternity leave... ish.

Today's the first day of UWF's fall semester, but I'm spared from most of the usual hustle and bustle because I'm on partial maternity leave.  I'll still be doing service-y things (e.g., advising grad students) and cramming in as much time as I can to write up my research before the baby arrives in early October, but I'm not teaching.

So from here on out, posting at PbO will be a lot slower, possibly picking back up in the spring or summer next year.  I'm going to keep up with the Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival and Bones reviews to the best of my ability this year, but both will probably end up posted pretty late and irregularly.  Remember that for all your skeleton-related news needs, you can follow PbO on Facebook.

Also, I just wanted to feature this awesome Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic from August 5 because I'm taking a break from my external 3D printers to finish up the project I started on my internal 3D printer back in January...

(Credit: SMBC, 8/5/13)


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