Looking for an MA program in (bio)archaeology...?

The University of West Florida is accepting applications into our master's program through February 15 each year.  Our department boasts two biological anthropologists (including your humble author), one cultural anthropologist, and five archaeologists (maritime and terrestrial) in the Department of Anthropology, and another six archaeologists in the Archaeology Institute on campus.  We're located in Pensacola, Florida, which is an amazing beach town with great climate and loads of things to do every week (we're currently gearing up for a big Mardi Gras parade!).  The city also boasts the headquarters of the Florida Public Archaeology Network, and public interest in and support for archaeology in town and at the university is very high... UWF's president, Dr. Judy Bense, is an archaeologist herself.  Our record of placing graduates in either a PhD program or a job is about 90%.

So if you're interested in an MA program, please get in touch and/or apply.  Applications received by February 15 will receive full consideration for funding (tuition and/or stipend).  Come be an Argonaut.  Seriously, just look at this guy!


Mark Clemente said…
I can't wait until I can apply next fall. :) I can actually thank my Roman Archaeology class and professor for bring back my life for the classics. So now I have switched from wanting to do strictly Near Eastern bioarchaeology to wanting to do Mediterranean bioarchaeology as well. :)

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