January 5, 2013

Presenting Anthropology - Syllabus

The spring semester starts at UWF on Monday.  Most of my syllabi are done, but the reading list for Presenting Anthropology, my graduate proseminar, is still evolving.  A lot of the "reading" for the course, though, is going to be mandatory web-surfing, listening to podcasts, watching videos, and playing interactive games.  Those links are currently within a private course wiki, but I'll think of a way to make that public by the end of the semester.  And hopefully I'll convince most of the students to share their work, either here or on their own public space, throughout the spring.

Until then, here's the syllabus and course outline...

And a shot of the course wiki...


Dona Barry said...

Kristina, I am so impressed with your work on this syllabi for presenting anthropology! I am working on something similar for my graduate thesis project and it is wonderful to see that others are thinking along the same lines as myself! I wish I could take your class....not only do you express how students can be public, you give them tools to do it! Great job!

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