Cavewoman Jeweler Hoopla

Looks like the infamous Gay Caveman has a new friend: the Cavewoman Jeweler... the burial of a 45- to 60-year-old woman with traditionally-male jewelry-making equipment dating to the Bronze Age in Austria.

Surprisingly, this time the Daily Mail is not the one running with the anachronistic "cavewoman" designation.  Still, apparently someone has to keep reminding the media that the Bronze Age is not "caveman" times.

There's really very little news to go on, but it appears that the sex estimation was done based on the skull and mandible, which appear to be quite badly fragmented.  And although the tiny bit of skull that I can kinda sorta see looks maybe possibly female (the supraorbital ridges seem pretty gracile), I'd also hold off on "rewriting gender history" until confirmation of the sex of the skeleton through DNA analysis.

Bronze Age (c. 2000 BC) burial from Austria
(photo credit: Daily Mail)


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