Kristina and the Argonauts

We here at Powered by Osteons - and by we, I mean me - are pleased to make an announcement.  Starting in August, I will be an assistant professor in the Division of Anthropology and Archaeology at the University of West Florida.  I am really excited about this new position - not least of all because it makes me an Argonaut, the school's mascot.  Seriously, just look at this guy!
The next few weeks will be a major transition for me both professionally and personally, as I gear up to move my family from Chapel Hill to Pensacola.  But I hope to be here blogging as much as I can about the latest news in bioarchaeology, the classes I get to teach, and my research.

If my sporadic blogging isn't enough for my dear readers, note that you can get quick updates and links to news stories I find interesting by following me on Twitter, by liking the Powered by Osteons page on Facebook, or by joining the BioAnthropology News group on Facebook.

Just wanted to close with a quick note of appreciation - as my blogging has evolved over the past five years, I've gained a significant readership and have delighted in the comments and conversations we've had as a result.  I have some neat posts planned for the fall semester, so stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

(And if any of you readers are UWF or Pensacola folk, please de-lurk to say hi and give me suggestions for places to eat and fun, family-friendly things to do!)


Archeoten. said…
Congatulations, and good luck!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! Best of luck with the move.
Sumo Services said…
Congratulations on getting that new position as assistant professor in the Division of Anthropology and Archaeology! Have a safe move. Go Argonauts!
Unknown said…
Yes! I was in the Forensic field school at UWF this summer and was lucky enough to hear your lecture and be part of the whole process that gets to bring you here. I hope you enjoy Pensacola and UWF, I know we (the bio crew) are so excited!

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