Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival XVIII

Wow, and I thought the last few months have been slow in terms of Roman skeleton news... this month, I have, well, four links, none of which is technically Roman in date:
  • So this is also Anglo-Saxon, but it is a really cool find - a woman buried with a cow.  According to the article, only 31 burials with animals have been found in England... all of them male and all of them with horses.  This woman buried with a cow is a very interesting discovery, and I hope more information about it comes out soon.
Anglo-Saxon burial of a woman with a cow (credit: BBC)
Let's hope the start of summer excavations at various sites in Italy will bring some interesting skeleton finds next month!


GeePawHill said…
Kristina... just a note to give love to the blog. your interest in the woman and cow *makes* my interest in it. Keep up the good work! -- GeePawHill

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