AIA/APA 2012 - Live Tweeting

I'm at the AIA/APA meeting this weekend, and this afternoon's slate of papers looks pretty awesome.  So awesome, in fact, that there is a giant conflict from 2:50-4pm: the Presidential Plenary Session on Death & Burial conflicts with Finding Peasants in Mediterranean Landscapes.  It's the Sophie's choice of Roman bioarchaeology...

At any rate, I will be attempting to live-tweet the talks sporadically this morning and definitely from 2:30-5pm today, using the hashtag #aiaapa.  Or, of course, you can follow me @BoneGirlPhD.

These are the talks that I'll be going to:

Saturday, January 7

Current Research at Nemea
  • 10:55 - Jared Beatrice and Jon Frey (MSU), A bioarchaeological approach to the Early Christian and Byzantine burials from the Sanctuary of Nemean Zeus
Pompeii and Ostia
  • 12:30 - Flint Dibble (U Cincinnati), Unpacking construction fill: archaeological formation processes of activity, refuse, and construction in an urban environment
  • 12:50 - Allison Emmerson (U Cincinnati), Repopulating an "abandoned" suburb; the case of Pompeii's tombs [media coverage]
Finding Peasants, Session 5J
  • 2:30 - Nicola Terrenato and Laura Motta (U Mich), Not your run-of-the-mill cereal farmer?  The evidence from small rural settlements in the Cecina Valley in Northern Etruria.
Death & Burial, 2012 Presidential Plenary Session
  • 2:45 - Introduction
  • 2:50 - Francesco de Angelis (Columbia), Monuments for the many: burial and society in Hellenistic Etruria
  • 3:15 - Susan Gillespie (U of Florida), Residential burial practices in Mesoamerica
  • 3:40 - Tim Pauketat (U of Illinois), Mortuaries, the moon, and spirit journeys in the ancient Midwest
  • 4:15 - Caroline Goodson (Birkbeck) and Cori Fenwick (Stanford), The Medieval cemetery of Villamagna (Italy): burying the estate workers, from the fifth to the fifteenth centuries
  • 4:40 - Sandra Holliman (Santa Rosa Community College), Death, burial, and the liminal: identities at Fort Ross, California

But I may also duck back into Finding Peasants for Rob Witcher's (U Durham) talk Stuffed or starved? Evaluating models of Roman peasantries at 3:05 and Kim Bowes' (U Penn) talk Excavating the Roman peasant.

So please join me - vicariously or with your own tweets - for these sure-to-be-interesting talks!

(P.S.  If you are at the meetings and want to say hi, I'm the only person wearing a skull-themed scarf.  And it's gotten me a whole lot of weird looks already... :)

Sunday, January 8

Roman Funerary Images and Rituals
  • 8:30 - Anna Gallone (Gabii Project), The use of lead in central Italian funerary contexts: new evidence from Gabii
  • 11:05 - Jenny Kreiger (U Mich), Remembering children in the Roman catacombs
Post-Pharonic Egypt
  • 10:20 - Thomas Landvatter (U Mich), Identity and burial practices at Graeco-Roman Abydos: the 2011 season of the Abydos Middle Cemetery Project


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