Roman DNA Project Update

I posted just 10 days ago about my new endeavor - the Roman DNA Project.  With a group of 48 other scientists, I put together a crowdfunding proposal and put my ideas out there for the public to consider.  And, boy, have you responded!  We've already raised over $2,600 for ancient DNA analysis, and we've attracted the attention of international news agencies and blogs.

Check out the links below and, of course, consider making a donation so that we can reach our funding goal and test all the immigrants to Rome to see where they came from.
The official Roman DNA Project logo!
We appreciate all the press and shout-outs from people around the world.  It's really exciting to see so many people interested in this research.


Jan Helldén said…
Congratulation Kristina! You have reached 108 % - that is $451 MORE than the $6,000 that was your goal!

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