Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival VII

Welcome back for another round of bioarchaeology news from the Roman world (broadly defined, as always).

New Research

  • November 1.  Quick plug for my new research - the Roman DNA Project was just launched.  The first phase of research will be mtDNA analysis of the individuals who were probably immigrants to Rome in the Imperial period.  Adding DNA information to previous data on isotopes (Sr/O/C/N/Pb) and archaeological context will allow me to investigate the origins and lives of immigrants to Rome in a way that hasn't been done before.  The next phases of the project will involve YDNA analysis and hopefully a study of disease (e.g., genetic anemias) within the population.  Head on over to RocketHub to contribute (money or moral support) to this venture.

Holding hands in Modena (credit)

3D dead Etruscan (credit)
Woman with Dog, from Ripoli (credit)


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