Let's Talk about Evolution

Back in June, teh internetz were ablaze with criticism for the Miss USA contestants, who had a chance to respond with a prepared comment to the question "Should evolution be taught in schools?"  And they horribly, horribly failed.  I wrote about the story in my post "Miss USA Contestants Are Idiots," but my favorite coverage was a satirical video called "Should Math Be Taught in Schools?"

A few months ago, I was invited by the members of the SCOPE project to contribute a short talking-head video about the importance of evolution, and the 6-minute end product has now been posted.  The SCOPE Team notes that:
This video was produced to allow scientists to explain, in their own words, the importance of evolution to science -- and the related importance of teaching evolution in schools. Our goal is to convey the fact that evolution is an amazing, uplifting discovery that has served as the genesis of countless advances in many fields of science. We also wanted to highlight female role models in the science community.
Each individual video will be posted to the SCOPE project's YouTube channel soon, and you can view my full 2-minute video here. You can catch me in the project's video, though, around the 5-minute mark.  Fair warning: I am not an actress, but I say neat things.


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