LaTeX and Bioanthropology Journals, the Sequel

I posted a couple months ago when I started looking into submitting manuscripts to bioanthropology journals using LaTeX.  Fortunately for me, Elsevier seemed pretty cool with LaTeX submissions.  A few minutes ago, I sent my Roman diet article to Elsevier's Journal of Archaeological Science, and it went off with only one minor hitch.  I uploaded my .tex file under "Manuscript" but had put my .bib file under "Supplementary Material."  Turns out, the system doesn't include supplementary material in a build.  So I re-attached the .bib file also as "Manuscript," and the paper built fine.

For those of you thinking about submitting using LaTeX, it's actually quite easy.  Simply download the Elsevier class files for the manuscript and the bibliography, write your paper, then upload your .tex and .bib files (and, in my case, .eps figures).  On the last screen of the submission process, it'll let you know that it's building your file.  Check back in 30 seconds, make sure the PDF looks good, and approve it for submission.  Other than the weirdness with the .bib file, the process honestly couldn't have been easier.  My macros worked fine, my bibliography looks good, and the figures are all there.

Now I get to nervously await reviews!


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