Second Lead Sarcophagus Found at Gabii

The Italian news site Libero reported today on the newest lead sarcophagus from the site of Gabii, an archaeological site located in the Roman suburbs.  In 2009, the team found the first lead sarcophagus - a unique style in the Roman world, as it was folded over like a burrito (see below).  No pictures have yet been released of the newest discovery.  As the bioarchaeologist of the Gabii Project, I'm super cheesy excited.  More news to come, I hope!

The original lead burrito:
Imperial-period tomb from Gabii
(photo by Jeff Becker, hosted at NatGeo)


DRyan said…
Congratulations on this very exciting news. My daughter is part of your team so I got some advance notice of this discovery. I'll be waiting to hear more.
BAJR said…
Superb. I love a good discovery. And I bet you can't wait.! I can feel another Past Horizons story coming on. Who would be best to talk to? and would you add your unique views as well.

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