New Blog Feed - Please Update!

Hi all!  As you may have noticed, there have been a few changes here in the last month.  Last night, I decided to register  Switched my blogspot blog over, but... I seem unable to redirect the old feed from over to  In case I can't figure it out, please head on over to Powered By Osteons in a few minutes and re-subscribe to my feed (link in the left sidebar or in your browser).

If you don't want to miss out on everything from Bones reviews to gay caveman and Mona Lisa updates (oh, and my research too!), please do re-subscribe.

Apologies for the changes.  I really appreciate my hundreds of regular readers (and hope to convert more of you occasional readers to subscribers)!


Unknown said…
Well noted. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Speaking of feeds, for some reason the browser keeps opening up a new window with your 5 latest tweets when I view an article in Thunderbird. Has anyone else had that happen to them?
This post showed up in my feed without having to do any updates.
@Anon - No clue what's up with that, sorry. I'm on Chrome now and am not having that issue. Will check into it.

@Michelle - I did send the "please re-subscribe" post to the old feed. But I also may have figured out how to set up forwarding from the old feed - the catch is, it only works for 30 days. So you should probably re-subscribe to the new feed (sorry!).

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