Diggin' Up Presidents

CNN is reporting that the remains of Salvador Allende, the former president of Chile, are being exhumed in order to determine if he committed suicide or was killed following a military coup in 1973. [CNN.com] An international team of experts has already been assembled, and the DNA and other testing will be done in Austria. Most notably, no one is setting a specific time frame for this, which means they will take their time to do it right, a refreshing departure from the frenzied attempts to find the "real" Mona Lisa in the past couple of weeks. I'll be interested to read what they find about Allende's cause of death.


George Myers said…
Interesting research. I wonder if this is in partial response to Chavez exhuming Simon Bolivar? I often wonder who the two I exposed in NYC City Hall Park were in 1999, "romantically" together, almshouse, patriots, prisoners or strangers in the night. Was to be a new drinking fountain?
I only skimmed the wikipedia article on Allende, but from that it seems that most everyone had agreed Allende committed suicide. So I'm not sure why there was an inquest into his death in January. This article I found wasn't much help (http://latindispatch.com/2011/01/28/judge-opens-investigation-into-death-of-salvador-allende/), except that it suggests the timing of the inquest may be related to the (fairly) recent death of Pinochet.

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