Ocular Degeneration

My esteemed classical archaeologist colleague Kathy McDonnell pointed me at the newly-redesigned cover for the Roman archaeology bible, the Oxford Archaeological Guide to Rome. In today's episode of Photoshop Disasters - Ancient Rome edition:

I'm guessing the conversation over at Oxford University Press went something like this...

Simon: Nigel, here are some photos for the cover.
Nigel: Aw, man, stupid ancient ruins. There's a ginormous hole in the roof just to the left of where the title should be.
Simon: I know. You'd think the Italians could have fixed that by now. It's been two thousand damn years. But Berlusconi is running the country into the ground.
Nigel: See here, a little cloning, a little smudging... Crikey, it looks good as new!

There's a bigger version over at Google books, with even more awful Photoshop artifacts. I have not personally confirmed that this image appears on the printed version of the book, but my esteemed colleague said that, if anything, the printed image looks even worse. She alerted people at the press about this issue; no word on whether or not they're planning to do anything about it.

For non-classicists, here's what the ceiling of the Pantheon actually looks like, with the oculus in place:


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