Upcoming AIA Lecture

My upcoming lecture was just announced via the local NC AIA chapter listserv. Woo! This will be my first paid speaking engagement (unless you count teaching as a paid speaking engagement), which means I am more or less terrified. I mean, excited! I'm excited to be the first speaker of the 2010-11 lecture series. :)

It is pretty cool, though, to realize that I am now a proper academic and that I have been invited to deliver the kind of talk I desperately wanted to see when I was an undergrad attempting to forge a path to a degree in classical bioarchaeology.


Anonymous said…
This is unrelated to your post here, but I felt this was cool enough to warrant being put into a comment. This site, from the BBC, uses objects to show different times and different parts of the world in history. It fits into the archaeology theme here, so it is not entirely random, yet sort of is. I figured that anyone reading your website would obviously love history and archaeology so this might be of interest as well. I don't know how to create a hyperlink in this comment window so the address is just pasted below.


I hope someone finds this interesting.

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