Neanderthal Men in Italy

No, this is not a post about modern Italian men (although the one who hit on me in Termini did make me question his evolutionary lineage). On today's bus back from site, I saw this:

It says, "Please do not throw paper and trash on the ground." But it's hilariously accented with the depiction of a Neanderthal flint-knapping. In an attempt to fashion his Mousterian toolkit, he's inadvertently created a ton of debitage.

Anyway, it made me wonder whether this is an easily recognized image in Italy - are cavemen associated with trash? Can people tell from a teeny tiny sign at the front of a big bus what the caveman is doing? Why does he have a giant Kilroy nose?


onix said…
there's an old (late 19th century?) interpretation of ramapitheci like fossils from italy that would show humanity actually came from italy, (there's also a story about a race of tiny people who would once have lived in italy), that besides i think every european would understand that cartoon.. but just to show interesse for archeology and anthropoarcheology in italy is old.

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