This sight greeted me at the end of the first day of my sex, death, and bones workshop. It takes me back to my first trip to Athens with my high school Latin teacher, Dr. Larrick, when my friend Rachel and I craned our necks (and cameras) out the window to get a teeny tiny glimpse of a sliver of the Acropolis from our teeny tiny hotel room. Fifteen years later, I'm moving' on up... to a deeeeluxe room in Kolonaki. But I'm still as cheesy excited by the Parthenon at night as I was at 15.


EstherReese said…
Very happy to have found your blog. Am going to go back through the archives and work my way up. Not only is the information cool, I'm thinking about going back to University and studying Archaeology, so this 'slice of life' is very valuable to me. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you keep it up for many years to come.

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