Panic Writing

Somehow, in the last two weeks, I've managed to write two chapters and an introduction to the dissertation, for a total of over 50 pages of new material. Getting up at 6am is definitely paying off, and I've only had one sleep-deprived-and-stress-induced mini-meltdown. So far, so good! The bad news is that my advisor would really like the completed first draft by spring break... which starts next Friday. The good news is that I have in the neighborhood of 25-30 pages to go: one interpretation chapter that should be easy (and actually kinda fun) to write, and a conclusion (part of which is already written).

I actually already blogged about the final interpretation chapter, so the two that I haven't mentioned are about the geopolitical structure of migration in the Roman Empire and migration theory in anthropology/archaeology. The structure of migration was a boring chapter to write, although I got to put in some neato keen maps. Migration theory was more fun to write than I thought it would be, but that could be because I geek out a bit on transnationalism and how it can be applied to approaches to migration in archaeology. I honestly think I have a fresh approach to migration in the Roman world, and it might even be a fresh approach to migration in archaeology as a whole. But the real test will come in a few weeks' time when my advisor and the remainder of my committee have to read the 350 pages that constitute my proof that migration to Rome is an important topic.