I finished another chapter tonight. It's been about a month since I finished and faux-tweeted the first chapter, but I seem to have 65 pages of text scattered throughout the dissertation in addition to the two chapters - somehow - bringing my total to around 135 pages. My goal is to finish another short chapter this week, then one of the half-written ones by the end of the month because chapters are tangible progress whereas 65 pages of random text are not very useful for convincing an advisor and committee that progress is being made.

So here's the tweet of Chapter 8, which reports the results of my 87Sr/86Sr isotope analysis in an attempt to characterize mobility and migration to Imperial Rome...

Unsurprising: Rome composed of city slickers, suburbanites, foreigners. Surprising: Strontium and aqueducts distinguish among them.


Unknown said…
Seems like this book is an interesting one and I can't wait to search it at the bookstore nearby.
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