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Considering the length a dissertation has to be, you'd expect it would contain a ton of information. But most of the text deals with constructing an argument to convince others that you're right. If you remove all that and take the essential conclusions at face value, each chapter is really rather short. For instance, I can take the first chapter I finished (on archaeological background) and, in 140 characters or fewer, highlight the relevant parts, thus shrinking a 33-page chapter with 13 figures and 7 tables to a tweet. Ahem.

2 sites (CE and CB), 2 contexts (urban/suburban), 209 skellies. Urban peeps shorter but longer-lived than suburban ones. More men in city, women in suburbs.

And there you go. Chapter 4 of my dissertation in 131 characters. Stay tuned for the tweet of the next chapter, the results from my Sr/O isotope analysis of immigrants to Rome!


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Anonymous said…
I think that tweeting is actually a very helpful way to "boil down" your dissertation. Archaeologists are often asked what they are doing and to compress it to simple explanation is a valuable skill.

Of course, some thesii are little more renderable than others. I remember a danish one on the Mesolithic that was memorably titled "5000 years of Undead Subversion"

The tweet would have gone something like this "RockWaterDeadSpirit Maglemosian= Blakian. Heavy PosProc theory G'by"
Unknown said…
If you remove all that and take the essential conclusions at face value,
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