Applying for Fellowships Sucks

I probably shouldn't whine, but...

For the second year in a row, the UNC grad school deemed my research not worthy enough to merit a write-up/completion fellowship. I honestly don't get it. Granting agencies really like my research and are willing to give me money to do all kinds of chemical analysis on dead people, but the grad school is not a fan of mine, no matter how interdisciplinary I make my research (combining classics, anthro, and geochem is not exactly easy). It would be really lovely to be able to finish this dissertation and, you know, get a job. Not having a completion fellowship means teaching, and that (and even TAing) takes a ridiculous amount of time away from actual reading/writing/research.

So now I get to try to convince either the grad school or my department to pay my tuition for a semester or year, as the PEO award requires that I maintain enrollment - at a cost of $4k for the school year as an in-state resident. If the grad school screws me over again next year and insists I'm still out-of-state, that's $11k for the year. And there goes nearly the entire PEO award. Grrr.


Unknown said…
This is insane. Is there any way for you to challenge the grad school's assertion on your research?
Anonymous said…
Try and politely convince your department or your department's college within the university to pay your fees reasoning that your stipend is covered by PEO, you expect to finish your dissertation by next year, and that it will cost them more in the long run if they don't cover your fees this year.
Well… that’s attractive post Applying for Fellowships Sucks but to be straightforward i have a hard time figuring it… wonder how others think about this..

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