Signs of the Apocalypse, er, Economy

In the past three months or so, I've gotten a steady stream of emails from wannabe authors who have written a novel and want professional editing help. I'm much more comfortable editing academic work - which requires a certain structure and language - but I've now logged my fair share of hours on shlocky fiction that has no hope of ever being published except by a vanity press. I've had a freelance editing website for at least a couple years now. It's not steady work, but my google page rank is fairly high: if you search for "freelance editor," I think I'm still in the top 5 hits on the web. So this spate of requests for novel editing is an anomaly. Are these authors unemployed people trying to keep their sanity by writing? Do they think that publishing a novel is a way to quick money? I'd love to see statistics on the number of manuscripts submitted to publishing houses before and after all the major economic misfortunes, and I'll bet that number has gone up recently. Regardless, this means a better economy for me - whenever I can find several days' worth of time to put into editing crappy fiction that doesn't distract too badly from my own writing - so I guess I can't complain.


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