Lenovo is trying to kill me

I got a new lappy battery in the mail today. It came with one tiny piece of paper in three languages (English, French, and German, for those who care), and it says:

Battery Instruction Manual for Lenovo Battery Module

DANGER: If the rechargeable battery pack is incorrectly replaced, there is danger of an explosion.
DANGER: Fire or chemical burn hazard if mistreated.
DANGER: Keep battery pack away from fire.
DANGER: Do not attempt to disassemble it.
DANGER: Keep away from children.
DANGER: Do not taunt happy fun ball.

So I made the last one up. But this "battery instruction manual" does not come with any installation instructions. Or really anything beyond dire warnings about how I will die if I install it incorrectly. Thanks, Lenovo! Even though I'm fully capable of plugging in a new lappy battery, I think I'll wait for Patrick to get home so he can negotiate the 'splosion.


Unknown said…
Just in case you need it....here is the link for all the battery removal movies from Lenovo. Its a bit long, so you may have to do a cut and paste to get it all.


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