Editing Funnies: Tortured Metaphor Edition!

And now for some odd metaphors from the novella I'm editing... Don't worry, I fixed them all. Well, except for maybe the last one. 'cause I have no idea what it means.
  • “We know about the first shoe of possible trade secret litigation, but the dirty trick second and third shoes have yet to be seen.”
  • “Go ahead. You’re singing to the choir.”
  • “What’s with all this clock and dagger routine?” (Fine, probably just a typo.)
  • “You as the investor and me as the Wall Street guy should be as arm’s lengthy away from this as possible.”
  • “They will fight to the teeth to discredit you and your work.”
  • “Marty and Joe are the super above-board Mssrs. Clean of the group.” (Sure, it’s correct, but who uses that abbreviation anymore?)
  • This confirmed for me that Dunlap was one shrewd and connected apple! (Those bananas are pretty stupid and out of touch.)


Heather said…
I thought it was "Messrs.".

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