Terrible advertising

This popped up on the right-hand advert bar in my Facebook today.

I now expect flowers from everyone for Thanksgiving. You can wait, though, until there's a year in which Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 17th, as I'm fairly certain that would be never. (I'm sure Patrick can mathematically prove this.)

Maybe the ad is referring instead to the famous Greek Marxist group, whose signs I occasionally saw the summer I lived on Crete.


Anonymous said…
Lincoln began the annual Thanksgiving holiday in 1863, and it was on the last Thursday of November -- ranging from the 24th to the 30th -- up through 1938. In 1939, FDR moved it to the next-to-last Thursday -- the 23rd, then the 21st -- to stimulate Christmas shopping. Didn't work. In 1941, Congress compromised on the fourth Thursday, which ranges from the 22nd to the 28th. No regularly scheduled Thanksgiving in this country has ever been as early as the 17th.



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