The department giveth...

A little over a week ago, I got an email from the assistant chair offering me a position teaching intro to anthro as an extension course (night school). It's a new class, but at an enrollment cap of 20, I thought it could be interesting. After all, I've taught extension courses before at the community college. I accepted the verbal and written offers and started collecting syllabi and my thoughts about a textbook to assign.

Yesterday, I was unoffered the position. There's some kind of confusion over whether or not this position comes with tuition remission. It was offered to me as a graduate teaching fellowship, which requires the graduate student be enrolled. As long as the student is within the university's 10-semester remission limit, they get free tuition and insurance, in addition to a stipend. Now, I'm technically an out-of-state student this year because the residency office is a bunch of boneheads and, well, technically I was living out of state last year. But no one told me that a job offer would be recinded by the department simply because I was out of state, like many other students are.

So I'm a bit pissed. And so I launch into my normal rant about how the department should really consider funding students in their last and second-to-last years, those of us really trying to push out a dissertation and go out and get real jobs. Those of us who've put in our time, gotten prestigious external grants that require us to stay an extra semester doing dissertation work, and always have excellent teaching evaluations from students and professors who've supervised us... for example. But the department instead favors the younger students who don't know how to get outside funding and are still taking classes. Which I suppose is fair. But if they just let in, like, 8 new students a year rather than 15, perhaps we wouldn't be in such tight financial straits.

Anyone need an anthropology class taught this spring?


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