Ugh III: The Ughinator

My samples aren't doing so well. Of the first turret, 9 samples failed completely and 5 were more or less saved. Of the second turret, 15 samples failed completely and 4 were basically fine. So now my record is 24 failed and 9 run, or under 40% success rate. That's not great. The third turret only has 2 of my samples on it: both appear to have run fine, as have all the other samples on it, some with the 3.5 M HNO3 from before August 14 and some with the nitric acid from after that date. So I don't think the geochemist knows yet what went wrong. If I'm lucky, I suppose it's possible that I suck at loading samples and have lost no work whatsoever. But he seems to think that's an unlikely scenario.

At any rate, of the 9 samples, only 1 is likely to be an immigrant. Everyone else is sitting solidly in the .7092-.7096 range.


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