Endless amounts of Sr

I loaded 14 samples onto a turret on Thursday, and the mass spec started a barrel run last night. Today I headed in to run another 16 samples through columns and checked the printout. Other than the fact that it aborted on bead 10 because of some filament issue (and I have no idea if this is normal or if the machine basically crashed), the data look pretty damn normal. Everyone so far (only 6 people, since it bombed) is .709-.710, or a Roman. The last person that was run had blocks as widely varied as .709 and .706, so maybe that one didn't work at all. I'll know when I eventually get the data and run it through Tripoli, a computer program that I still know very little about. I'm trying to run all the Castellaccio data first since it has half as many people as Casal Bertone. With all the Castellaccio data, I might even be able to start a chapter of the diss. Woo!

In addition to columns, today I'm loading up another turret with 19 of my samples that should start running on Sunday. When the first turret comes out tomorrow, I can load another 19 samples to run on Tuesday, I think. *sigh* By fall break, I will have more data than I know what to do with.


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