Chew on This

One of my students today informed me that the mandible from his skeleton was missing. He'd seen it before, but hadn't studied it in a while. His lab partner piped up, "Yeah, I noticed it was missing a while ago." Aaaaand why didn't she say anything prior to today? Grrr. After a very quick look-see through the cabinets, I couldn't find their mandible. But I was in the middle of answering five different questions and imagining what my advisor will do to me if the mandible wandered off, so I should go back later and do a thorough sweep of the cabinets. It's possible that my advisor borrowed the mandible for some reason, but it's also possible that a student took it home to study one day and never brought it back. I wonder what the penalty is for stealing human remains? I know there is one if you steal remains from a cemetery or an archaeological site, but do the same laws apply to those in a teaching collection?

I also found out in class from 3 different students that the academic advising people don't think they're registered for the 1-credit lab. Even though it shows up on my faculty course listing, and everyone's in it. I'm pretty sure the department secretary failed to set up the course properly, since I had issues with this over the summer, which means I need to head over to academic advising at some point and attempt to clear this up myself. What a pain in the ass.


Oh, and... the vending machine wouldn't give me my food, so I had to get two, and my Sr samples are apparently full of Ca, which indicates that I've been doing everything wrong somehow. It's been a super-fun day!
Unknown said…
Samples full of calcium? Are you checking the concentration of your nitric acid?

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