Damp and Sleepy

My first night in England went well (after an uncomfortable plane ride and the requisite 24 hours with no sleep). The Ivy Guest House may not look like much and the floors may creak, but the bed was comfy and there was actually an extra blanket for poor southern me. (Seriously, a 30+ degree drop in temperature is not affecting me well.) The bathroom is shared, but I had no problem showering and getting ready before breakfast opened at 7am. I got the vegetarian breakfast - I'll have to take a picture tomorrow, because it consisted of: a sunny-side-up egg, 2 slices of wheat toast, a hashbrown, sauteed mushrooms, two canned (er, tinned - guess this is England) Roma tomatoes, this odd fried stick of carrots and peas, and baked beans. Yup. Baked beans. For breakfast. I tried the ginger preserves on my toast, which was quite a good choice. Maybe tomorrow I'll go for the Marmite. *shudder* And I still haven't tried HP, which appears to be somewhere halfway between ketchup and A1 sauce.


Anonymous said…
You're vegetarian? Didn't know that. If you weren't, I'd say skip the Marmite and hit the Bovril. Alas. Instead I'll say skip HP and go hit a curry house. HP is just a crappy British bbq-like sauce.

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