Anatomy and Word

I was digging through my data collection diary that I wrote in Italy last year while examining skeletons. It ended up being nearly 200 pages of notes and thoughts about Roman skeletons, Italian bioarchaeologists, food, and public transportation. I was looking for any entries that suggested a particular skeleton was special or important, or that it needed to be analyzed for Sr, C, or N isotopes. After a couple dozen pages, though, Word flipped out. It seems to have absolutely no knowledge of biological or anatomical terms and gave me the error message below. I think Word should come standard with a dictionary that knows words like "pyogenic osteomyelitis," "spondylolisthesis," "sphenooccipital synchondrosis," and "ischiopubic ramus." You know, common terms.

(Incidentally, there were only about a dozen typos in the entire document. Because I'm that good - in spite of my tarnished reputation in the Woodbrook Elementary 3rd grade spelling bee, when I succeeded with "psychology" but inexplicably failed to spell "quarter" correctly and Jamie Maupin won. Not that I'm bitter.)


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