What's wrong with this picture?

I was google-imaging around for some pics to pepper my slides with today, and I came across this image, presumably of a forensic anthropologist working diligently in a lab, laying out a skeleton. The image is from the Forensic Newsletter of Staffordshire University in the UK. Brits are known for their excellence in osteology, so this picture was a shock to me. There are, at the very least, 6 things wrong with the way this skeleton is laid out (11 if you count the paired bones separately). So, who can point out things that are wrong with this picture? (Click here for a super-sized version, which will help.) More importantly, who can explain to me why this picture would grace the website of a forensic science program?


Paul said…
I think the pelvis is upside-down/backwards but I'm not an anthropologist.
Chris Cameron said…
I don't know for *sure* since I only knew a couple bioarch students in London, but I think the Brits lay out skellies as if they were face down, except for the skull for obvious reasons. So it might be just one mistake. But I don't know for sure.
Anonymous said…
6 things wrong with this picture, eh? Challenging.. okay, let's seeee...

1) Plastic aprons are, like, SO Nineties.
2) Skeleton is not wired / glued together like in the museums.
3) The bag she's holding clearly contains 200-year-old (generic) Raisin Bran.
4) Skeletons like that are never found (in the wild) outside of the Pacific Northwest.
5) Skeleton is laid out in such a way that he/she could easily be re-animated by any passing mad scientist and wreak havoc throughout the entire department.
6) Someone forgot their coffee.

(um, and no ribs??)

I have to stop posting things this late..
Cameron, you ignorant slut. No, only the femora are laid out face-down. No other bone is laid out that way.

For those of you counting:

1) the radii are laid out upside down (top-to-bottom)

2) the vertebrae are all messed up, with a thoracic near the sacrum

3) Paul's right - the pelvis is just fucked up (both upside down AND backwards, good job!)

4) the femora are on the wrong side and laid out upside down (front-to-back) to make them fit with the weird pelvis

5) the tibiae are mis-sided

6) the right fibula is upside down (top to bottom), and the left one might be as well

Everything else is too hard to see clearly. But seriously, there is something odd about this picture. I wonder if I should email the forensic people at Sheffield?
Chris Cameron said…
Boys can't be sluts. Stop being intolerant.
Anonymous said…
not only are the fibulae upside down (only the one on the left of the pic) but they should be lateral to the tibiae (on the outer side of the tbiae)

Agree that the femora are on the wrong side and laid wrong, have laid out many a skeleton and never once has anyone laid them like this without being told to turn them over! The whole idea of laying out skeletal remains is that they are in anotomical position

Can't see clearly but it also looks like the tibae are sided wrong too! The one on the right is front side down!

the ossa coxae are indeed upside down and like the femora are on the wrong side!

The humerii do not look right either but can't see enough to tell if they have been laid the wrong side down and or on the wrong side!

OMG this is horific and a terrible advert for the university!

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