Hovering Hummels, Batman!

My mom just got off the phone with my grandma in Jersey. Grandma returned from staying for a while with my aunt in Vegas and ran into the man who lives in the apartment that Uncle Frank used to live in. So it seems that ghostly Uncle Frank is pretty pissed off at the moment. He used to just show up in the tenants' bathroom or walk through their living room. But recently, he's started having tantrums. The tenants say that sometimes when they return home, stuff has been moved and is in disarray. They suspect Frank. A week or so ago, the guy from upstairs was over for a visit, and they were sitting in the living room. As they talked, they saw a little figurine lift off the table and then go flying around the room. These stories are all related by my grandma, who's not the most reliable of ear-witnesses. There weren't any additional details - what happened to the figurine? Did it crash or fall to the floor?

On Friday, I'm driving down to NJ to hang out with my mom and grandma and see if we can raise Uncle Frank in a seance in the neighbors' apartment. It'll be like a weird inter-generational slumber party, but only if I freeze my grandma's bra and put my mom's hand in a bowl of warm water.

I will, of course, report extensively on my turn as a ghost whisperer.


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